Our preschool has a Christian ethos to provide a caring environment and to nurture strong moral values including  kindness, sharing and tolerance.

We have a very mature staff team with an average age of 45 years old.

We are privileged to be part of Bowdon Parish community; we have a strong and supportive relationship with our local churches.

We exceed Ofsted regulation on our staff ratios both with the number of qualified staff and the number of staff to guide purposeful play.


We use the great outdoors whenever we can, rain or shine.

We understand childrens’ desire to  be active.  We have ample space for every child to be active both inside and outside with our large slide, balance boards and games equipment. The garden is ours to use for each and every hour of our sessions, there is no turn taking or waiting, we use free flow as much as we can to allow those children who want the sky as their roof!


The first few days at preschool can be a challenge for children and parents, so we try to go the extra mile to help your child settle in quickly.

We offer complimentary home visits to allow your child to get to know us a little on their terms in their home. 

Our preschool manager will create an individual settling-in plan based on both yours and your child's needs.

We give you our ‘happiness pledge’ – if within the first six weeks you feel that your child hasn’t settled, then you won’t have to give notice.